Learn your code! Geek Websites

30 November, 2007

I found a neat little website recently: Code Teacher. I’m trying to teach a friend Python and was looking for a nice tutorial for a beginner, and I found codeteacher.com a little more advanced and chose to use the official Python docs. Either way, I recommend it.

Here are a few other nice websites:

Official Python Tutorial

Python 101

Python 201

GeekPedia – like Wikipedia, but… not

The Uta Priss Programming Courses – her tutorials are pretty nice:



Server-Side Web Languages


Apple Finally Brings Some Customizability Back into the Mac OS

26 November, 2007

Remember that Roswell theme from OS 9? Well, you can’t have the windows make noises when they close or minimize or whatever, but Leopard really provides a lot more customizability than Tiger did.

  • Menu bar – depending on your wallpaper, the menu bar appearance changes.
  • The Dock – leoparddocks.com

Is Microsoft Killing the Menu Bar?

25 November, 2007

Windows Vista, along with many other recent Microsoft apps, show signs of Microsoft attempting to drop the menu bar. Take a look at the following screenshots:

Windows Explorer (Vista)

Internet Explorer 7 (Yes, I know you can enable a menu bar if you want to in IE7, but it’s not there by default so that doesn’t count.)

Office Word 2007

Windows Photo Gallery

Go to Wikipedia or Google Images for Windows DVD Maker, Windows Contacts, and Media Player 11. I think it’s getting a bit obvious….

Why Windows is Problematic

23 November, 2007

Don’t get me wrong on this, Windows isn’t that bad of an operating system if you don’t go on the internet and are *extremely* patient. The biggest problem is its DOS base. This website shows what anyone can passwordless do at a DOS prompt:

  • create a new user
  • access blocked websites
  • give admin access to a user
  • delete users

No wonder so many people complain about their computers….

A Programmer’s Christmas Wishlist

23 November, 2007

I’m really only starting out with programming, not very advanced, but Christmas is coming in about a month, so I got a few things together that I’d like…..

  1. Core Java, 8th edition (book)
  2. Apress Foundations of GTK+ Development (also a book)
  3. Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X (yet another book)
  4. C Primer Plus
  5. C++ Primer PlusĀ The C++ Programming Language

Yes, I already have The C Programming Language (affectionally known as the K&R due to the authors’ initials, so I though that the C++ Programming Language might be a perfect accompaniment.

I’ve gone onto Amazon to see the first chapter of C++ Primer Plus (try saying that 5 times fast) compared to the C++ Programming Language; I was inspired by a comment. I like the C++ Primer Plus and decided to get the C Primer Plus to accompany it.
Oh, yeah, no interpreted languages for me. I’m not telfully fond of them; perhaps one day I’ll get into CGI with Perl or Python, but the web’s not where I’m headed for now. Except for Ruby on Rails…. that looks interesting….

Cancel or Allow?

17 November, 2007
and then…..

gOS: The Google Operating System?

15 November, 2007

The gOS developers thought about how many people use Google Search, GMail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, etc…. and how so much of our lives are on the internet. They saw that Google can be its own operating system…..

Downloading ISO – review coming soon!