The Geekiest Nighthmare

28 July, 2008

I just woke up from having what probably is the geekiest nightmare I’ve ever had. It was February 2009 and I’m on IRC using a weird client that I currently don’t know what it is (it seemed like a mix between Colloquy and Linkinus but with a status bar at the bottom of the chat window). This nightmare probably came up due to me yesterday thinking about GPL and receiving some pretty weird spamvertisements on IRC. Here’s how it goes:

I was IRC’ing away when user Renoult sends me a private message saying that we should exchange photographs of leaves, trees, and flowers. I’m about to add him on ignore when user Linux*** (where *** stands for three letters I can’t currently recall) joins the private message section (which isn’t possible on IRC, I don’t think) and starts saying to Renoult, “I’ll help you with that,” and the status bar shows messages of files in my home directory being copied to Renoult’s computer. I try to force-quit the app but it doesn’t work, I try holding the power button for five seconds but it doesn’t work until I finally unplug the MacBook and take the battery out. I take a sigh of relief and look down to the ground, seeing the power switch I could have flicked off for the router, which I turn off just in case.

I then look over to my cousin’s PC apparently running XFCE with an OS X Jaguar theme and she’s running Colloquy (or an IRC client that looks just like it) and looking at an ad in Firefox for how to win a free iBook (remember, somewhere in this nightmare I was warned that it takes place in February 2009), and I tell her about what happens and she replies with “I told you IRC was insecure and MSN is better.”

Then I wake up at 4:30 AM. It’s one of those nightmares when it’s really scary when you dream it but when you wake up it ends up sounding dumb….


Google’s being rude to ReactOS

27 July, 2008

Google, mean Google…. 😛

If you google ReactOS, something like this will show up:

Note the question mark at the end – it’s like as if they don’t believe in the project….
heh, it’s as if you google french military victories and press I’m Feeling Lucky

Presenting Like Steve Jobs

15 July, 2008

We’ve all seen Steve Jobs’ presentations and we all love them. We know they’re the some of the best and certainly the most capturing. Now the secret is released. In 17 steps you can easily make your presentation Jobs-like:

  1. Set the theme in a single headline
  2. Make the theme clear and consistent throughout the presentation
  3. Provide the outline
  4. Open and close each section with a clear transition
  5. Demonstrate enthusiasm “extroardinary, amazing, cool”
  6. Wow the audience
  7. Sell an experience
  8. Make numbers and statistics meaningful – put them in context
  9. Visual, simple on the eyes
  10. Very little text
  11. One to two pics per slide
  12. Simple picture that doesn’t overwhelm
  13. Demos, Videos, Dramatic Flair
  14. Give them a show
  15. Identify a memorable moment and build up to it
  16. Rehearse!!!
  17. One more thing…. (gives audience feeling of having an added bonus)

Video Link (YouTube)

The Dock got Dumber

10 July, 2008

I was reading a Mac OS X 10.0 review and I’m surprised at how the Dock got dumber – it’s not as customizable as it used to be. According to this old ArsTechnica article,

The Dock may be moved to any edge of the screen, and may be pinned at either end. This feature has no GUI interface and was actually disabled earlier in the development cycle, but has been re-enabled in 10.0. It can be activated by a simple and widely documented hack. The result is a pop-up menu for pinning and relocating the Dock (shown above).

Take a look at the screenshot. Sure, the options can be accessed via terminal commands (except the dock on top – that’s gone in Leopard) but you know, it would be nicer if Apple let normal non-Terminal users get more customizability out of the OS. I know a lot of users who would love this extra push of customizability. I mean, I’ve done it before but I wish I had options in System Preferences or in the Dock menu for this.

Vala: A New Language Made Just for GTK+

8 July, 2008

Vala is a new object-oriented programming language made by the GNOME project especially for GTK+. Its syntax is very C#-like but, like the original C++, Vala source code is translated to C code before compiling. The project is yet very new but I can see a lot of use in it and it’s getting along pretty well. Take a look at it and support the project!

Linux in the Stores

7 July, 2008

Linux hardware is finally starting to make its debut in consumer stores. Here in Brazil, in the store Saraiva, I noticed two KDE 3-based laptops, both apparently built upon some version of Kubuntu; one wasn’t that customized and had the normal bar and K menu at the bottom, and the other one was so customized at first I thought it was Vista with the taskbar put on the side! I also the noticed the MacBook Air, the regular MacBook, and an iMac, all extremely overpriced (come on, Apple! Manufacture the computers in the countries and the price will be better). I was in the US recently and I find that not even having Macs is a sad, sad thing. I’ve met a lot of people who think Microsoft made their computer and Dell is their reseller, who think a computer crashing and getting viruses is an alright thing, and that Internet Explorer is the internet! Brazil is making an extremely smart move in the technology field and I proudly applaud the country for that.

Patenting the Ribbon means Goodbye, Tab Views!

7 July, 2008

If Microsoft tries to patent the Ribbon interface used in Office 2007, using tab views to allow the user to select certain tasks will be illegal. That’s all the ribbon is – a nice-looking tab view with buttons and menus on it.

I’m not saying I think the Ribbon is a bad thing; I actually really like the Office 2007 Ribbon, even though it was not well-ported to Mac OS X in Office 2008. (I think that for Office 2008, they should have a menu for each tab in the Ribbon in Office 2007 and have the menu items be what’s in the tab view (which is all the Ribbon is, a tab view, nothing more)). I just don’t think Microsoft should patent it because then anything involving tab views could be taken as illegal patent copying or whatever term one would use for it.

This link probably has more info on the patent.

post has been revised to better suit what I’m trying to get across