Snow Leopard is Darker

It seems that my predictions, which were one of the first on the internet regarding the subject, that Snow Leopard would be darker have come true! Here’s a quick timeline of how I came about the idea and all the steps that Apple took to make it glaringly obvious that Snow Leopard’s UI would be even the slightest bit darker than Leopard’s:

  1. Someone on IRC (nick JHKKHJK or similar, I can’t quite recall it)  in a WWDC discussion channel told me that Snow Leopard’s UI would be darker. That started originally what seemed like a wild goose chase, but ended up being a lot more meaningful than that.
  2. First up was MobileMe, which sported a dark toolbar. Knowing how Apple feels about design and a look of integration across all its products, I found it obvious that it was only a matter of time before other applications started going dark as well.
  3. Next, interfaces began to merge with iTunes 8, which  in Grid View has a dark “sub-toolbar” and even darker scrollbars.
  4. When QuickTime X’s new interface was announced I was sure that my ideas were no longer simply speculation and that Apple was giving way too many clus that they were going to give us a darker interfaces.
  5. Now, Dock context menus are dark. Having five interface items be dark is interesting enough; I wonder what else will be darker in future Snow Leopard releases. Besides, all the iLife apps have dark scrollbars.

Oh, and there are new wallpapers available for Snow Leopard; I’m already using some of them.


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