The Web Invaded the Desktop

I can officially say that the web has infiltrated itself into my desktop operating system. On my dock, eight out of the fourteen applications are directly web-related: Safari, my web browser; Mail, my mail client; Adium, my messaging client; Colloquy, my IRC client; Hulu Desktop, a desktop version of the online TV website; iTunes, especially in regards to the iTunes store; Songbird, for finding music online; and Times, for viewing news online.


2 Responses to The Web Invaded the Desktop

  1. Prasant says:

    Hello Patrick Braga, I’m a Second year B.Tech IT guy and I’m new to Linux. I too installed Ubuntu 8.04 and updated my system by getting my CPU to my friend’s home and updated. Now I’ve installed the new version Ubuntu 9.10 and still i don’t have internet in my system. I could hardly understand your procedure for off line installation of packages. Can you clearly say me the steps as how to download a package from another system having internet connection and bring those to my system and install those packages onto my system. Thanks in advance. With Regards, Prasant.

    May i know your e-mail id? I read your blogspot post “Installing Ubuntu Packages Offline ” and hence i posted the comment to this post in WordPress.

    • theunixgeek says:

      Hello, Prasant,

      Sorry for the bad wording on the original post. In order to install packages on Ubuntu offline, you need to have another Linux or Mac computer that’s connected to the internet (It needs to be a Unix system because Synaptic generates a bash script file that can only be run natively on Linux distros, Mac OS X, BSD derivatives, etc).

      In Synaptic Package Manager (under System>Administration), check off all of the packages you want to install, and then select File > Generate Package Download Script. This will allow you to create a bash script, which you need to copy over to the other Unix computer using a pen drive or something similar. Then, assuming that you have wget installed, run the bash script. This will download the .deb packages to your computer. Copy these packages back over to your Ubuntu computer, and install them without being connected to the internet.

      I hope that clears it up!

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