The Unix Geek blog started off as a Blogspot blog on March 5, 2007 as “Ultimate Tech Geek” as a rather superficial blog. On May 6, 2007, “The Unix Geek” was founded as a blog for me to post along my programming learning experience; I went on posting what I was learning as I learned it. It’s really funny now to look back at old posts and see how much I’ve learned. A friend even suggested a slogan that stuck on for just over a year, if I recall correctly: “Insights and Guides to the World of Personal Computing.”

Some time in late 2007, I decided to make a type of post known as a “GeekThought,” meant to get more comments and to generate some discussion. Here’s one, for example: GeekThought: DVDs, in which I discuss how Apple seems to always phase something out every decade, and how this decade might be the end-of-life for the DVD. After the release of the MacBook Air, this seems to have come true, although nobody did comment on it.

Over the course of 2008, the posts started to get more serious, going over topics such as “Installing Ubuntu Packages Offline,” “What Makes a Desktop Look Nice,” “Qt Won’t Benefit from C++0x,” and “An Introduction to Key-Value Coding in Cocoa,” and “How to Write a Programming Language.” Along with this focus change there came a new slogan that is still with the blog: “Unix: It’s What Matters.”

When 2009 hit, I began to really consider moving over to WordPress. In January, I founded Rational Raccoon Software and began to sell Quasi, a PDF file combiner. On April 19, I officially imported my whole blog from Blogspot, and the experience has been really nice. Now, I’m working ferverently on Quasi 2 and a free app, PDF Playlist. Now, I get around 160 visitors per day, getting circa 300 on special days, and sometimes (on certain rare occasions when I make the Digg front page)  over 20,000 visitors.

The Unix Geek blog is run by Patrick Braga.


2 Responses to About

  1. Glen Shaw says:

    I just discovered your website this afternoon and I love it. The layout is both focused and predictable by using a style that employs a prudent use of colour with a judicious use of white space.

    The content is focused, on topic, and carefully considered. Since September of last year the contributions to the site have dropped off but this appears to be an unfunded site and time is precious.

    Patrick, on behave of many I’m sure, thank you for this site.

    PS: The first two links in “Resources”?

    • theunixgeek says:

      Glen, you’re very welcome! I’m glad to see that all the hard work I’ve put into “The Unix Geek” has been of good use! And thanks for pointing out the problem with the two links – I’ll get them fixed right now.

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