Apple likes Beethoven

1 December, 2008

I bet Apple likes Beethoven, because that’s the Moonlight Sonata (Moonscheinsonate) there on the Classical album cover in the iTunes Grid View.


Snow Leopard will be Darker: More Hints

9 September, 2008

I’ve previously published two posts with sources and reasons as to why it seems that OS X Snow Leopard will have a darker UI:

Pre-WWDC Secrets and Hints from MobileMe
Now, with iTunes 8 being released a few hours ago, I have more hints supporting the idea that Snow Leopard will be dark:
  • As I’ve posted some times before, Apple keeps a consistent user interface among their applications, being web, desktop, or even iDevices.
  • iTunes has a few times back predicted the future of Apple interfaces (darker toolbar, non-Platinum look, etc).
  • In iTunes 8, (only) in the Grid View, the scroll bars are darker. Sure, the scroll bars in iTunes have been non-Aqua for a while now, but this time around it’s even darker. Also, the Grid View sub-toolbar has the same look as the MobileMe toolbar, meaning Apple’s beginning to merge the interfaces….
I’m going to continue supporting the idea and hunting down proof for it. In the meanwhile, here are some screenshots from the Grid View:

USB as an Anti-Piracy Measure?

7 September, 2008

After a bit of pondering, I found out USB could easily be used by companies as an anti-piracy measure. Here’s why I think it would work:

  1. Today the industry lives off of DVD. DVDs get scratched easily. USB drives… not so much
  2. Companies are already used to hiding information on USB products (anybody say iPod?)
  3. More than just a serial number for anti-piracy protection: have a hidden file on the drive that counts how many times a file was accessed (such as a setup program). This isn’t possible with DVDs.
  4. It’s not as easy to copy the plastic of the USB drive as it is to copy a DVD label
  5. More environmentally-friendly: smaller packages since USB drives are obviously not as big as DVDs. For example, take a look at Vista’s box… now imagine that wrapped up in a USB drive… much smaller!
If anyone has any other ideas or opinions, feel free to leave a comment!

Confirmed: OS X Snow Leopard Will Be Darker

9 June, 2008

It’s pretty much confirmed that OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” will be darker. Just take a look at this screenshot of mobileMe and how dark the toolbar is. I bet Snow Leopard is gonna follow. So I guess this person I talked to was right. 

I reached this conclusion because it’s very coincidental that two sources imply dark interfaces and that Apple generally keeps similar interfaces among products. 
And just another note: I’ve started the Wikipedia article Mac OS X v10.6.

Why Apple Hasn’t Been Focusing on Macs

13 May, 2008

It’s pretty obvious Apple hasn’t been paying attention to the Mac itself, but instead focusing all of its attention on iPhone and a little bit of iPod in its advertisements.

When you arrive at the Apple store, it feels like they’re saying “Here are our phones and music players. Oh, yeah – we have some computers back there if you’re interested.” Generally, the only computers in the front are MacBook(Pro)s. And if you go to Apple’s WWDC page, “iPhone” is the title of the first tab under the sessions that will be available.

So why’d Apple shift all the attention to iPhone? As a way to market Macintosh! Sounds weird, I know, but I guess they reasoned that “if we want OS X to be more widely used, we should make a big deal about iPhone development, and make OS X the only platf0rm you can develop for iPhone on!” It sortof makes sense, but really, Apple, what about the people who already have Macs? We want exciting upgrades and new software, too!

I like the new version of Xcode, by the way, but how about updating some other things, too, or adding new stuff? Maybe merging Mail, Address Book, and iCal? 😉

The iPod Touch Cannot be Scratched!

8 October, 2007

Apparently, the iPod touch’s screen cannot be scratched (according to this YouTube video); however, according to comments, the back scratches easily.

iPhone released!

1 July, 2007

The iPhone was released a few days ago, and it’s been a great hit! Being sold at all Apple stores and AT&T company stores, this touchscreen device is an iPod, an internet device, and most importantly, a phone. Sporting Mac OS X mobile, many people are wondering what the fate of the iPhone will be – is it like the first iMac in 1998, selling millions, or like the Lisa (1983) – the first graphical business computer* – and Newton (1990’s) – the Apple PDA -, products that lost attention because of their price ($10,000 and over $800, respectively). Only the future will tell.

*Note: The Xerox PARC was made before the LISA, but Xerox turned the idea down, and the Lisa was the first GUI computer sold.