Google’s being rude to ReactOS

27 July, 2008

Google, mean Google…. 😛

If you google ReactOS, something like this will show up:

Note the question mark at the end – it’s like as if they don’t believe in the project….
heh, it’s as if you google french military victories and press I’m Feeling Lucky

ReactOS: My Opinion

1 June, 2007

After testing out the LiveCD version of ReactOS, I didn’t like it too much. Then again, it IS in the alpha phase. All the apps are hidden in the System32 folder. I’ll wait till version 1.0 – it’ll be full of apps, including an old version of PhotoShop.

But after exploring it a little further, there’s a download manager application (similar to Add/Remove in Ubuntu) that can download popular apps for you. I see a bright future for this little OS…

Today’s OS: ReactOS

1 June, 2007

I almost stumbled apon naming this entry “Today’s Linux: ReactOS,” but it’s really not. The truth is that ReactOS is an OS in itself, with its own kernel and everything! (I haven’t seen many non-Linux free OS’s on the web)Now, if you see ReactOS’s screenshot, it looks almost exactly like Windows 9.x! The grey start menu, the blue windows, with the grey x, [], and _ buttons at the top all make it Win9.x-like! What about the DOS prompt? And… is that FireFox being installed (you have to go to their website to see those last 2 screenshots)? It all surprised me, too, but ReactOS is built with WiNE on the base. This was really smart of the developers – now you can run Windows apps without running Windows!

…ReactOS is … more than just a … Windows-Clone…ReactOS takes the … code a step further by stripping it down to the bare minimum – leaving a kernel that is … fast, light, clean, and powerful …

I still haven’t had the time to test out the LiveCD version of ReactOS, but I will try it as soon as I can.